Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey Baby!!

I know the time difference between here and there is pretty drastic, and while we did figure out that we could talk easily in the mornings and night that the bulk of the middle of the day may present a problem since our days and nights are reversed... So I thought it would be cool to make a blog page that I could post stuff for you throughout the day (i.e. your night) for you when you wake up!

The plan is to update this every day with things for you because I love you tons and tons and can't go a day without talking to you etc. etc. It's not finished being set up yet either, I want to add things to the side but I'm not sure what I want to add yet, so some times you'll pop on and it will look different too haha. I have some big plans of different things to put on here, I'm excited I hope they all can pan out it should be fun :)

I'm going to miss you so much while your gone, I love you so much with all my heart!

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