Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple Piieee

Hey there babycakes!

So today I woke up, worked out, met up with Garrett, Mollie, Danni, and Dave... and went apple picking! We picked a bunch of apples and ran around having fun in the orchard, then stopped at Shopright on the way home and got ourselves the rest of the ingredients we would need to make apple pies and then also some stuff to have a BBQ and went back to my place. We grilled up some burgers (and sausages for Dave/Garrett and veggie burgers for Danni) and had ourselves a barbecue. It was delicious :)

After that we set out to bake ourselves 3 apple pies. We kind of winged it, and had waaay to many apples cut so we made little apple crisps with the left overs. The crisps were ok and we burned them a bit, but the pies were good!

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