Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broken Social Scene!

Hey Babe! So as you know today Danni and I saw Broken Social Scene in Central Park. It was totally awesome. The Sea and Cake opened, never listened to them before but they were really good. Members of BSS played with them on a few songs randomly, and members of TSAC came into BSS's songs every so often too it was cool. The show was so good, they were amazing! I wish you were there, I thought of that a few times during it I just wish I could have seen them with you. We are SO going when they come around again. Near the end some of the members crowd surfed out into the crowd, it was cool! The kinda hard to make out last pictures is of one of the members in the crowd. The whole thing was great, they played sooo many songs, for 2 and a half hours strait they didn't even bother leaving the stage they just said "Okay this is the encore, we don't want to waste time leaving and waiting and coming back on stage were gonna keep cramming as much as we can in here!" and just played again right away. It was sooo good!

PS: I love you x a million billion and I miss you like whoa.

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