Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love Hearing Your Voice

Hey baby! So not really much to report today. Corey went to work and Anne and I went for a walk/jog/run around Philly, mainly by the river, for about 7 miles total. It was fun, felt good, and most importantly YOU CALLED ME :) I looooove hearing your voice it makes me so happy! After we got off I turned to Anne and was all "Sorry, didn't mean to get on the phone and just leave you hanging for a bit" and she said "No no no it's fine, I love Lauren go for it I'm glad!" (she had complained to me recently about how she hates when she hangs out with Jon and he ends up on the phone with Maureen so I felt bad lol)

After that we made a delicious dinner and Corey got home and we chowed down, then Anne took me home to Jackson. Dave, Bill, Dan, and Jon came over for a little bit and then I played the new Halo game with Nick. That was my day. The most important part was getting to talk to you on the phone! :)

Love you so much! Hope your day goes amazing today! I'm sure it will with it's track record so far ;)

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