Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mmm... Hibachi

Hey babe! So today I had a busy day!

Lets see... after the morning/start skype/shower/etc deal, I went running with Garrett around his neighborhood, then we went back to my house and he helped me with some mandatory things I had to do around the house, such as wrapping up and chopping down these giant bush things (that cut our arms up like crazy because they have spines on the leaves ack) and FINALLY WD-40'ing the hinges on the doors in the house so now the front door is SO SILENT! Just waiting for you to stay over until 4am! :)

After all that we met up with Danni, John Stephan, Dave, Dave's sister Nikki, and Katie and went to Kazu. Which was closed. Why is it always closed? Ahg...

So instead we went to Koto (where we went after hiking) and had hibachi. Sooo good. I had vegetable hibachi and eel/cucumber rolls. Delicious.

After that I headed to my friend Kerry's place (Alisar's old room mate) and we watched this old 80s horror movie I've always wanted to see called Re-Animator, it was so good haha.

I took a picture of Garrett's dog Marty and that new cat he wants to murder, thought you'd like them. They are both so tiny and cute! Also I don't know why Garrett was pulling up his pants to prepare for yard work like that, but it's funny haha.

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