Friday, September 10, 2010

Muslim Day

Hey babe! So today at work it was Muslim Day. Basically it's a private event where just twenty thousand Muslims come to the park and they have a bazaar set up and prayer services and such and no other guests are allowed in. In fact Erin texted me today asking if I was working because she was going to come to the park and wanted to say hi, but I had to shoot down her plans and tell her she couldn't get in. Poor girl. Anyway so yea it was kinda crazy. And I was stuck alone in Laser Maze all day so it was long as hell. And I was really sad all day because I missed you so much. :( And at one point it was so busy and they were all being so rowdy they broke one of the Heist's statues. That's my statue! How dare you! See, it's destroyed! :(

Then after work I went to the movies and saw Resident Evil 4 which was retarded and hilarious and I loved it with Dave, Katie, Bill, Jose, Sean, Maureen, and Jon. That was cool! Then I dropped Katie off at home, got back home, turned on Skype, you were on, but then you signed off after a few minutes. I guess I just missed you? :( I love you and hope to talk to you in the morning! (Your night) before work! If not... I miss you and I'll talk to you soon! Like... I really miss you. Like it hurts inside. I don't know how I'm gonna get through all of this time without you. :(

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