Thursday, September 16, 2010

Outta St. Louis, into Philly

Hey there love,

So I spent a few hours travelin' and dealt with some delays (soo many delays between Detroit and Philly I dunno why) and then met up with Anne and spent the day in Philly with her and Corey. Went to a giant art store called Blicks, hung out at the apartment, then went with Corey to his Fencing meeting and learned fencing! I fought in a match with the only guy who was sort of intermediate, as opposed to the experienced and brand new people, and I won my first match! WOO go me! Fencing was totally awesome and I'm gonna try and come up another time or two to go with him to the meetings because it was fun haha. Oh sorry though, I forgot to get a picture in the full fencing garb with the helmet and sword. The picture below is Corey's fencing stuff on his couch. Next time! Then after we got Chinese and SUSHI and it was delicous. Oolong tea YES! Made me think of you :)

I love you so much! I'll be back home tomorrow and we can get back to skypin'!


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