Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shootin' Some Guns and Bows!

So today before work Garrett, Jon, John Stephan, Corey, and I went to an outdoor expo to do clay shooting with shotguns and archery (compound only, poop) and stuff, it was fun! I was surprised how good we did. I don't remember everyone's scores, but I do know Jon, Corey, and me were the best and I hit 6 out of 8, just about every one of which was a solid shatter of the clay as opposed to partial hits. It was awesome! Archery I did okay (my target is below), we only had 5 arrows so I got closer as I went but didn't warm up. Corey did really good though, hes just good at aiming I guess. Also we saw a sweet little owl! He looked bored though...

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