Thursday, September 30, 2010

SOOOO Sad I Missed Your Calls :(

Hey babe!

I'm SOOO so so sad I missed your calls. I was in a movie at the end I couldn't walk out... if it were earlier in the movie I would have stepped out for a minute. :( Tonight they had a showing of The Exorcist for the start of October, and it is one of my all time favorite movies so I was so excited to go! I went with Jose, Katie, and another girl from work named Annalee. It was sooo awesome to finally see it in theaters! And the three of them had never seen it, I was a little jealous they got the first experience of it in theaters haha. They loved it though, it was fun. But yea, during the climax of the exorcism scene is when you called :( I was so torn I almost left but it was the best part... I'm sorry :( I hope I catch you later tonight on skype! I miss you so much!!!!!! Not much else to post today, I'm busy working on finishing your video message so I can upload it tomorrow night :) I think your gonna like this one.... ;)

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