Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Louis - Day 1!

Hey babe, so I'm posting from the hotel tonight to tell you all 'bout my last 2 days (I know, I didn't have a chance to post yesterday! First day I missed one! :[ )

Yesterday I worked until close and then went up to Philly with Anne and stayed with her and Corey. Corey made us dinner (something we were joking with him on facebook about doing and didn't expect him to actually do haha) and we ate and watched a few episodes of Weeds and hung out. It was awesome.

Bright and early in the mornin' Corey left for work and Anne and I walked to the train station and she got me all squared away to head to the airport. So I got to the airport, flew to Atlanta, got on another plane, and flew to St. Louis! (4 states in 24 hours woo haha)

So today I met up with Dad, we checked into the hotel room (every time I type hotel I automatically type hostel and have to go back and remove the s hahahaha), headed out to a place nearby for dinner (everything tastes different here, we got italian but like the Alfredo sauce, Marinara Sauce, Clam Chowder, etc. all taste weird.), then went to Busch Stadium to watch a Cardinals / Cubs baseball game! Garrett and I traded shirts the other day when he came over with his Alfanso Soriano (ex-Yankee) Cubs shirt on he got in Chicago a few weeks ago and I brought it so that I could wear it to the game. It was funny cheering for the Cubs in St. Louis and the Cubs won, so woo! I guess. Hahaha.
I had fun, but I miss you alot. I tried to call you but your phone was off or dead or something. I love you!

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