Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Louis - the Final Day!

Well today was my last day in St. Louis! Tomorrow bright and early I'll be getting on a train to the airport and then on a plane to Atlanta and then on a plane to Philly and then on a train to near Annes and then walking with Anne to her place!

Today I slept in and then headed down to the Gateway Arch again to ride it to the top. The way up was this rinky dink little orb like thing with 5 tiny seats that we all got crammed in nice and cozy and then up top was a room with windows and a great view of the city and the Misssissippi. There was also this Westward Expansion museum thing down under the Arch and some stores I looked around. I ate Bison Jerky! It was delicious! I love eating new animals!

After that I walked around in the park some more and then headed up down a bit to the City Museum. It was basically a gigantic outdoor/indoor/rooftop jungle gym. It looked like tons of fun but it was getting late and I was alone so I didn't feel like paying to look like a tool and feel awkward. I wish you were here, it would have been so much fun to climb with you!

Then I met up with Dad at the hotel and we got dinner and now were in for the night, earlier then the last few. OH! And I got you a present! I'll show it to you some time... but not now! Getting so close to being able to Skype with you again! YAY! Can't wait! I love you!

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