Thursday, September 9, 2010

Starting to Feel Fall-ish!

Hey babes!

So just wanted to put a few pictures up here for you... It is about 4:30pm right now, I don't know if anything interesting will happen the rest of the day but I took these for your earlier. This morning I went running with Garrett and Mollie which was cool.That's post-run, sitting out on Garrett's deck enjoying the random fall breezes were getting today. Then after we went to Panera and then to a Halloween store. Here are some pictures of us trying things :p

It's really all of a sudden feeling like Fall is starting today, out of nowhere. It's darker, breezy, chilly, and it's just starting to really feel like Fall. Leaves aren't changing yet though. Don't worry.

I love you! I'll be talking to you soon yaay! Also I'm almost done with your next video message, just waiting to shoot one last important part... you'll see soon! ;)

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