Sunday, September 5, 2010

Text Messages

So since the today and yesterday you were not getting any of my text messages, I thought I would post some of them here so you can actually see them!

September 4th

11:43: <3

1:27: Ahh baby I really miss you so much :( I don't know why right now in particular but I'm missing you so much it hurts :( I love you, hope I'll talk to you soon!

6:09: Ahhh I've been trying so hard not to text you a million times while your asleep but I can't help it sometimes... I love you so effing much ahhhhhhhhhh <3<3

7:27: Should be waking up in an hour or 2 right? Good morning beautiful! Your the love of my life! I should be home around 10:45 I dunno what your Saturday plans are (is it Saturday morning? I just realized I don't know which way the days go compared to here) but can we skype ya think???

(you said Babbyyy ahhhh <3<3)

8:21: :) :) It makes me so happy to hear from you again! Cheesin' all over :p

September 5th

11:11: I love you baby! Hope you feel rested and refreshed in the morning! Good luck with your first class! I love you and I hope you get my texts today!

12:19: Love You!

5:07: Is it weird that I totally miss getting your hair all stuck in my face and mouth and stuff? Especially when it's nice and curly :) I love your hair!

So yeah, there were some of my texts I sent you the last two days. I'm sorry you didn't get them! I love you!
<333 Pat

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