Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey babe! So as you know since you called me during today (YAAY! :) :) :) ) Today I went to some thrift stores with Danni. We went to ones in Trenton by school, actually. There were lotsa cool and weird things, and I ended up getting 2 sweatshirts for $10! (one of them was only $2 haha) And Danni got a whole buncha stuff. There was a box to donate to Vietnam Veterans, I would have done it but I figured it would be easier to just give you stuff in person when you get back and your a Vet and all. Also I was gonna get this sweatshirt, and I looked at the size and it was made in Vietnam. Yeah then I was like hmm I think I'll stop taking pictures of the word Vietnam now... lol.

Look at this guy, he's all... yeah look at me... I'm so cool...

And should I get a leather vest? Is that totally me? I mean I'm hardcore.. there was a spiked belt near it...

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