Saturday, October 9, 2010

Comic Con - Days 1 and 2

AHHH I MISS YOU SO MUCHHH!!!! AHHHH!!!! I haven't talked to you in daaaysss wahhhhh :( :( :( :( :( it sucksss!!! Seriously babe, I'm missing you way to much I neeeed to talk to you I miss you! I'm sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday, although considering I didn't really sleep last night by Dan rules doesn't that mean it's like the same day and I get a pass? Haha.

I am having some real internet issues in Nick's apartment so I haven't been able to be on much, and we have been super busy. So I can't really upload much while I'm here, but tomorrow night late some time I'll be home and I'm gonna put a real big post all about Comic Con there. I'll give a real quick run down on it now though...

Comic Con is totally awesome! We have been doing sooo much and getting tons of free stuff. I have like 8 free T-shirts in my backpack right now haha. We have been seeing boat loads of writers and artists, I got my Walking Dead comic signed by the creator/writer (one of my fav. comics), we did this totally awesome screening thing for the BluRay release of the Alien movies, played a bunch of games not out yet, saw some awesome panels on things, and saw people in all kindsa crazy costumes. It was totally awesome. Here are a few pictures real quick while the internet is kinda working... I love you SO MUCH! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I'll pop on and off Skype tonight when I can and see if your there. Worst case I will hopefully talk to you tomorrow night (my time) when I'm home. I think I got a call from you today? I dunno I never heard anything over the line and lost the call immediately. I wish I could call you back :( but it never works.

PS: Right now I'm watching the Yankees almost done winning the first round of the post season, I"M SO EXCITED! Me and Garrett can't wait to celebrate in the city when they win at home and run out and buy new ALDS winner hats! :D

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