Monday, October 11, 2010

Hope Being Back Home Means Talking Again...

Hey babe! So I'm home from work and awake and can finally get back to normal with everything... hopefully that means we can get back to talking at nights again!!! I miss it so much! Ahhcckkkk! So anyway, now I shall get around to finally summing up Comic Con!

Comic Con was Me, Sean, Nick, Tristan, his girlfriend Meagan, Dan, Justine was in the apartment but not at the con, Garrett, Dave for one day, Jose for one day, and our friend Mark. So we got to the city and went to Comic Con in the Javits Center Friday early. Comic Con was sooo cool! There are dozens and dozens of booths and tables set up all across the floor for movie studios, comic companies, video game companies, artists, writers, clothing companies, etc. Tons of them give out free swag for everyone, and we collected a bunch of free T-shirts, vitamin waters, 5-hour energies, patches, stickers, buttons, bandanas, comics, and our friend Meagan (our friend Tristan's girlfriend) even got 2 free video games, one for Wii and one for Xbox. It was cool! Basically we spent the three days going around the floor meeting people, seeing trailers for movies and playing games that are not out yet, and also attending panels on various things.

There was this totally awesome cryo-chamber set up from the movie Alien (if you ever saw it, its the big white thing that the crew on the space ship slept in, complete with big hatches that open and we actually got into them and there was TVs and stuff and we saw this promo thing it was so awesome). We saw Adrien Brody, saw M. Night Shamalan talking about Unbreakable and stuff for the movie's bluray anniversary release, and saw the panel on the upcoming TV series based on one of my favorite comics, The Walking Dead with the whole cast/director/comic creator/producer and saw all kinds of world premiere clips from the upcoming season. OH! There was a huge Michael Jackson thing set up for some new game about him coming out, I was thinking about you hahaha. There were all these people on stage dancing his dances it was funny. None turned into giant claymation bunnies though :( Also I thought of you because I saw a ton of people dressed as pokemon everywhere hahaha. There were a looot of costumes, some of which were really amazing. From really crazy accurate movie quality to gigantic robot suits. It was all soooo awesome. And sooo nerdy. But so awesome!

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