Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love Buying Halloween Decorations...

So today I met up with Jamie and Dan and we spent the day hopping around stores shopping for Halloween decorations for Fright Fest decorations for The Heist. We went to the Mall, Seasonal World, etc. and then we went to my Uncle Pat's to pick up a bunch of his Halloween Decorations. I don't know if I ever mentioned it but he used to do a gigantic Haunted House in Staten Island and has a ton of awesome expensive decorations so he said he would let us borrow some. Its always fun doing work outside of work with Dan and Jamie because Dan is just hilarious. For example, he got this plastic scythe and was walking around the mall waving it at people and stuff (picture) and then in Spencer's started climbing up the shelves to get something until we stopped in because we didn't want to break them all haha. It is going to be a long next few days building and decorating, today we spent 8 hours alone shopping and planning. But it is gonna look awesome I think. I'm excited!

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