Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Love Scaring People At Work!

Oh man... so today I spent the day working as a ghoul in the laser maze scaring people. It was so good. I don't know if I ever expressed how much I LOVE scaring people, and being able to do it again is amazing. I had people sobbing on the ground for like 3 minutes hysterical, had people running out of the room within seconds of starting and never finishing the game, I made a girl rip her pants, I had people falling over, oh man it was so great. And I kept scaling the 6 foot wall between the 2 mazes because there is like 3 feet of open space about it and leaping down in front of people on the other side and getting them too... it was so good. Dan was amazed at how badly we were scaring people and how often they came running out screaming from the maze. Best. Day. Of. Work. EVER. This is the costume I generally wore, obviously it looked better in the dark/black light. I did so much work hopping over that wall so often and yelling so much I'm gonna have no voice and be completely dead sore tomorrow I know it... but it was sooo worth it. I love Halloween season.

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