Friday, October 29, 2010

In NYC Right Now

Hey you! So I'm in NYC right now in Dan/Nick/Justine's apartment. Last night we went to the special pre-screening of the new Tron movie, they showed a bunch of scenes of the movie in Imax 3D, about 23 minutes worth, and had trivia to win prizes. Nick won a prize pack that was largely full of garbage but had a sweet light up Tron hat in it that we were all jealous about. I got a cool Tron poster. The parts we saw of the movie were so awesome, I'm so excited for this movie it looks like it's gonna be real great. After that we headed over to Union Square, got some $1 pizza from the pizza truck, then went to the other movie theater where we saw Saw 3D, the last of the Saw movies (so they say, at least). It was... okay. I guess. It was by far the worst, I don't know if you've watched any of the other ones, but the Saw movies are movies we totally love and Nick and I have a tradition of seeing every Saw movie at midnight (or in this case, 10:20 showing the night before) going back to the first movie so we had to finish what we started. Nick hated it, Dan loved it, I enjoyed myself very much but admit it was pretty terrible, which was partially why I liked it haha. Then we hung out in the apartment for awhile before everyone went to sleep. Now I'm sitting up, Justin went to work, and the other 2 are still asleep and I'm talking to you on Facebook! I slept on that couch we slept on that awesome time we got to spend the night together :) It made me miss you... love you!

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