Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Time!

Today was a blah day, and then an alright day. Started off lazy and with my mom and uncle being assholes, then Meghan and Magno (who you only briefly met once at RTM if you remember them, I can imagine you wouldn't. Magno showed me his shiny new green business card that night.) came over and pumpkins were carved. I didn't know it was happening and didn't have a pumpkin, but I designed Sean's (the big one) and he carved my face (well... sorta. My drawing was better then his carving skills. Then Garrett, Sean, and I got 5 guys, went to the comic store, and then hung out at my place for awhile. We watched Con Air - one of the greatest movies of all time. Period. No matter what anyone says. I miss you!

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