Friday, November 5, 2010

Gettin' A Little Archery In...

Hey babe! So I saw that picture of you with a bow and realized I've been slacking and if I really do want to shoot an apple off your head with my mad skills when you get back I better get to practicing! So I had a little archery time in my backyard. I'll be honest. It didn't go very well. First time I've actually taken your dad's bow out to use because I had to try and fix the arrow rest, and I noticed when I started shooting that the string wasn't even, and my arrows were flying out of control. :( I guess I just didn't notice when your dad gave it to me, I don't see how something could have happened to it it's been sitting undisturbed in my room all this time. I will have to see if I can fix it when I have some free time!

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