Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Video Message For This Past Week, Blah...

Blah! Sorry babe, but I have not had a chance to even come up with an idea for this past weeks video message, and now it's almost time for the upcoming weekend's so I guess I had my first week without a video. I'm sorry! I know your super busy with finals now and everything anyway so you probably wont even check this for a little while, but I'm disappointed in my self regardless haha. I've just been so overwhelmingly busy with my family because of the whole aunt dying of cancer thing and every day for the past few days I've been getting up at 5 to go to my uncles so that I can take care of the kids and get them all on the school buses while he is at work and their mom is with my aunt taking care of her and then after school they come over and we take care of them until night. Any free time has been spent driving people places or visiting her. So added into the lack of time is a lack of fun ideas. Blah! I didn't want to miss a video so I'm mad at myself hahaha that was my one big goal for this whole thing. Oh well. :/

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