Thursday, November 25, 2010

A... Unique? Thanksgiving...

Well today for Thanksgiving Jon and I spent it in a very strange way I guess... first we got up, were lazy and rested for a bit, then we got suited up for hiking and drove out south-west to the Florida Everglades to hike and explore. Only there isn't much hike-able land, didn't realize just how wet the Everglades really are. Thought there would be some paths or docks or something. Oh well. We did not have enough time before work to rent a fan boat so we had to turn back. For dinner, the only place open was a Walgreens. Yeah. So we feasted on Ritz, Oreos, and a fruit cup. You know, a hearty traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

I'd have uploaded a few more pictures, but the internet connection here is sucking up the place and it took me forever just to get the one there. PS Miss you!

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