Saturday, September 25, 2010

Video Message 4!

Shootin' Some Guns and Bows!

So today before work Garrett, Jon, John Stephan, Corey, and I went to an outdoor expo to do clay shooting with shotguns and archery (compound only, poop) and stuff, it was fun! I was surprised how good we did. I don't remember everyone's scores, but I do know Jon, Corey, and me were the best and I hit 6 out of 8, just about every one of which was a solid shatter of the clay as opposed to partial hits. It was awesome! Archery I did okay (my target is below), we only had 5 arrows so I got closer as I went but didn't warm up. Corey did really good though, hes just good at aiming I guess. Also we saw a sweet little owl! He looked bored though...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bill's Drunk Tweets!

Hahaha so I wanted to send you some of Bill's drunk tweets, he is drunk with Dan and Jon right now and I just love when Bill gets drunk because he always tweets and it's funny. Sometimes he tweets so much people un-follow him, and others he warns people ahead of time he is gonna drink so they can block his twitter for the night haha.

severedhand: Father, I am drunkd


IamPat28: @severedhand oh man why what I miss? I'm excited for drunk Bill tweets!

severedhand: @iampat28 SHUT THE FUCK UP

severedhand: Rebealinf secrets to dan and jonb. Dunno jow I feel about this

severedhand: Jonb and Dank cutme off FUCK THEM SO HARD GIMME MORE FRTNKS PLZ


severedhand: Jonbvs dog is so angry

severedhand: Jonbs angry dog ois stalking me

davetorosian: I really wish I was drunk with @severedhand right now.

severedhand: @davetorosian dude no I'm oin jons jouse and nothong males sense and his dog disappeared but she wants to kill me I promise

Hahaha so good. I hope he tweets more tonight.

Also, He texted this to Garrett: I will drink your children. + rum

I love you so much! AHHH SO MUCH! LIKE IT'S INSANE!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ahh I jus talked to you :) :)

Hey babe!

You just logged off Skype, I love you! Sent you all the info for your hostel!

Anyway, today my Aunt Patti and the baby Elisabeth came to the house for a bit. I watched Lizzy for a bit, she especially wanted to be spun around in a spinning chair over and over. And sit on my head. Oh boy... so much fun. I got lunch at Five Guys with Bill, Sean, and Garrett then went to the Record Store with Dan (back from NY for a few days) and Bill to get some comics and stuff. Right now I'm sitting in my basement with Dan, Bill, and Garrett watching Good Eats. Mmm. Pictures! Miss you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nellie Says Hi!

Apple Piieee

Hey there babycakes!

So today I woke up, worked out, met up with Garrett, Mollie, Danni, and Dave... and went apple picking! We picked a bunch of apples and ran around having fun in the orchard, then stopped at Shopright on the way home and got ourselves the rest of the ingredients we would need to make apple pies and then also some stuff to have a BBQ and went back to my place. We grilled up some burgers (and sausages for Dave/Garrett and veggie burgers for Danni) and had ourselves a barbecue. It was delicious :)

After that we set out to bake ourselves 3 apple pies. We kind of winged it, and had waaay to many apples cut so we made little apple crisps with the left overs. The crisps were ok and we burned them a bit, but the pies were good!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mmm... Hibachi

Hey babe! So today I had a busy day!

Lets see... after the morning/start skype/shower/etc deal, I went running with Garrett around his neighborhood, then we went back to my house and he helped me with some mandatory things I had to do around the house, such as wrapping up and chopping down these giant bush things (that cut our arms up like crazy because they have spines on the leaves ack) and FINALLY WD-40'ing the hinges on the doors in the house so now the front door is SO SILENT! Just waiting for you to stay over until 4am! :)

After all that we met up with Danni, John Stephan, Dave, Dave's sister Nikki, and Katie and went to Kazu. Which was closed. Why is it always closed? Ahg...

So instead we went to Koto (where we went after hiking) and had hibachi. Sooo good. I had vegetable hibachi and eel/cucumber rolls. Delicious.

After that I headed to my friend Kerry's place (Alisar's old room mate) and we watched this old 80s horror movie I've always wanted to see called Re-Animator, it was so good haha.

I took a picture of Garrett's dog Marty and that new cat he wants to murder, thought you'd like them. They are both so tiny and cute! Also I don't know why Garrett was pulling up his pants to prepare for yard work like that, but it's funny haha.

Oh Man Guess What I Just Did!

I just WD-40'd all the doors in the house, so now they are all silent! No moor super loud squeaks from the front door, woo! Told you I'd do it while you were gone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today is Monday.

And that means Ruby Tuesdays Mondays!

But anyway, that's getting ahead of myself.

So today I had to do some work around the house (i.e. close the pool :( ) which sucked, and just kinda hung out otherwise. Nothing really eventful. Then tonight was Ruby Tuesdays Mondays, the only interesting thing really to happen lol.

I am sooo stuffed from it. I don't know why but I barely had anything yet I filled up super fast. Not a lot of people left to come to RTM these days. Today was Me, Sean, Bill, Dave, and John Stephan. John Stephan had one of those old time horse toys with the horse head on a big stick to gallop on in his car, and I galloped around the parking lot, it was awesome.

I miss you so much! Love you so much! Ahh!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Post Has No Title

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