Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finally - It's Cold!

FINALLY! Out with the heat! I'm so happy I got to wear a sweater tonight at work! Yeah, just wanted to establish that. Now if the leaves could kindly start changing... that would be greaaat.

So tonight at work Anne was asking about you, and then was saying how part of her wants to block your statuses and pictures on facebook because your always doing such awesome things, but then the other part of her can't because she wants to see all of it hahaha. She then picked up the henna table to put it away and spotted a sticker on it and told me to take a picture of it for you, I laughed and happily obliged. (Stupid customer got her attention as I was taking the picture)

She thought it was funny, and little did she know I play the same game with pictures of the word Vietnam hahaha. I miss you so much! I hope your having a great day whenever you read this! SMILE! RIGHT NOW! SMILE THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE NOW! THAT'S AN ORDER! Ok good, that's better. :)

Love you!! Miss you!!

Here Is That Picture...

I forgot to put it in the video, then I was waiting for you to watch it before I put this up... this is the picture of them watching themselves and laughing and starting to freak out about how they looked or how embarrassing it would be in a few months to see again haha

Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Day At Work!

Oh man... what a busy day at work we had today! Look at it! That was taken like 10 minutes after the park opened, so busy!

Yeah. Miserable day. Didn't have a sale until 7:30 (opened at 5) First time in my life I saw the park open with zero people there. Literally no one. It was so crazy we should so have been closed. It's okay though, I need the money I guess... But there was nobody there! Uhhgghh I don't understand why the people in charge keep this place open some times! Hahaha

Video Message Five!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SOOOO Sad I Missed Your Calls :(

Hey babe!

I'm SOOO so so sad I missed your calls. I was in a movie at the end I couldn't walk out... if it were earlier in the movie I would have stepped out for a minute. :( Tonight they had a showing of The Exorcist for the start of October, and it is one of my all time favorite movies so I was so excited to go! I went with Jose, Katie, and another girl from work named Annalee. It was sooo awesome to finally see it in theaters! And the three of them had never seen it, I was a little jealous they got the first experience of it in theaters haha. They loved it though, it was fun. But yea, during the climax of the exorcism scene is when you called :( I was so torn I almost left but it was the best part... I'm sorry :( I hope I catch you later tonight on skype! I miss you so much!!!!!! Not much else to post today, I'm busy working on finishing your video message so I can upload it tomorrow night :) I think your gonna like this one.... ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey babe! So as you know since you called me during today (YAAY! :) :) :) ) Today I went to some thrift stores with Danni. We went to ones in Trenton by school, actually. There were lotsa cool and weird things, and I ended up getting 2 sweatshirts for $10! (one of them was only $2 haha) And Danni got a whole buncha stuff. There was a box to donate to Vietnam Veterans, I would have done it but I figured it would be easier to just give you stuff in person when you get back and your a Vet and all. Also I was gonna get this sweatshirt, and I looked at the size and it was made in Vietnam. Yeah then I was like hmm I think I'll stop taking pictures of the word Vietnam now... lol.

Look at this guy, he's all... yeah look at me... I'm so cool...

And should I get a leather vest? Is that totally me? I mean I'm hardcore.. there was a spiked belt near it...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Quackers Update

Been a little while since we checked in with Mr. Quackers, hasn't it? Well he's been pretty busy.
To be honest, I really have to get a better Halo partner. He's not really that good and he's kinda a jerk about teamwork. Bit of a glory hog. I don't think competition suits him. But he's just so adorable, I mean how can you say no to that face?!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Miss Youuuu Baaaabbyyyyyy :(

So you should come back here so I can give you a big hug and a big kiss. I mean I know you have school and stuff, but just like, gimme a kiss and a hug and then you can go back. That's not too much to ask, right?

Anywho... let's see... my day...

Well I spent the beginning of my day technically on skype with you until 6am, and it was amazing :) Best part of the day! And baby I'm so glad we talked about what we talked about, because It's all so true and it made me so happy and I love you so much! Then I slept for a few hours and got up and got to talk to you again! WOOHOO! Then after that I had to take some bushes to the compost which was stupid, then came home and showered and such and then Garrett showed up. We hung out for a few hours, then Jose came over! Then the three of us and Sean went to the China Buffett on RT. 9 by the mall we went to once. Mmmm... delicious. So yeah obviously then we didn't do RTM tonight, I dunno nobody felt like going to Rubys. It is most certainly on it's last legs. I foresee maybe 4 more before an era comes to a close. It is coming up on a full year of Ruby Tuesdays Mondays, we started some time in October I dunno when though. I guess a full year is pretty good time to stop.

After that we came back home, sat around for like 20 minutes too full to move, then headed down to the basement, watched Sunday's premier for Dexter, and then watched this B horror movie we had been wanting to watch for awhile called "Dead Snow", which is about these people in a cabin for skiing and stuff in the German Alps and they get attacked by Nazi Zombies.
Watch out, Nazi zombies gonna getchya

It was not as comedic as I expected, but still pretty funny. It tried pretty hard to be serious which was funny also haha. Then they left just as you were signing on Skype, so I got to talk to you again! Albeit just for a very brief time because you were super stressed (don't stress too much! I love you! Sorry your stressed! Wish I could help!!!) and busy and stuff but still it counts - which means I got to talk to you THREE SEPARATE TIMES today! That's amazing! Three skypes in 24 hours! That's a definite record for this trip! :)

I love you so much and miss you so much! Hope you have an amazing day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yay It's Not Just Me On Here Anymore!

Ahhhh I'm so happy you put an update on here!! Your pictures look so amaaazziinnggg I'm so jealous of you! And I've gotta say you look totally hot in your beach pictures there ;) To think you were saying you were getting fat over there at one point, ha! I love that you put a video up too! Haha your such a goof! It makes me happy to see you and hear you, so very happy! :)

Today I don't have much of anything interesting to report. The highlight of the day was talking to you before work, by a mile. Other then that it was work and Applebees with Jon and Sean after work (25 cent wings on Sundays, yeaaahhh!)

And AHEM. I believe we had a date tonight? 2 and a half hours ago as of writing this actually. So since we dubbed it an official date I think this means this is the first time I've ever been stood up before :p Hahaha I love you, I wish I got to talk to you tonight/today, maybe in the morning? I'll keep skype up all night. I love you so much! I hope your having a great day doing whatever your doing!

A little taste of Indonesia & Singapore....:)

okay!!!! sOOOOOOO this took FOREVER- but before you signed onto skype, I was working on posting a few pictures from Pulau Bintan, Indonesia & Singapore! The video is just a short, silly clip in Little India, but I PROMISE I'll post some more from my adventure with Steph! This was just a trial run just to make sure it worked :) I love you so, so much- and I owe you a MILLION of these! My internet connection is so slow with uploading pictures and videos :(
Oh! And the first 5 pictures up top are from Singapore, but there are more I promise! From the picture of the elephant downward are pictures from Pulau Bintan :) I love you so, so SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!