Friday, November 5, 2010

Gettin' A Little Archery In...

Hey babe! So I saw that picture of you with a bow and realized I've been slacking and if I really do want to shoot an apple off your head with my mad skills when you get back I better get to practicing! So I had a little archery time in my backyard. I'll be honest. It didn't go very well. First time I've actually taken your dad's bow out to use because I had to try and fix the arrow rest, and I noticed when I started shooting that the string wasn't even, and my arrows were flying out of control. :( I guess I just didn't notice when your dad gave it to me, I don't see how something could have happened to it it's been sitting undisturbed in my room all this time. I will have to see if I can fix it when I have some free time!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Video Message For This Past Week, Blah...

Blah! Sorry babe, but I have not had a chance to even come up with an idea for this past weeks video message, and now it's almost time for the upcoming weekend's so I guess I had my first week without a video. I'm sorry! I know your super busy with finals now and everything anyway so you probably wont even check this for a little while, but I'm disappointed in my self regardless haha. I've just been so overwhelmingly busy with my family because of the whole aunt dying of cancer thing and every day for the past few days I've been getting up at 5 to go to my uncles so that I can take care of the kids and get them all on the school buses while he is at work and their mom is with my aunt taking care of her and then after school they come over and we take care of them until night. Any free time has been spent driving people places or visiting her. So added into the lack of time is a lack of fun ideas. Blah! I didn't want to miss a video so I'm mad at myself hahaha that was my one big goal for this whole thing. Oh well. :/

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABE! I know you did the whole costume and celebration thing yesterday, but still! WOO! I got stuck working for the last day the whole time, which stunk :( but still! IT'S HALLOWEEN! Ain't nothin' gonna pull my mood down on Halloween. I trick-or-treated my neighbors just so that it would count and had candy to eat at work lol, and while I didn't have a costume this year I did spend my day dressed up in a costume scaring people so it sort of counted and at least I was in the spirit of the holiday and all. I hope you did something fun today! Today was also the first time we turned the lights on inside the laser mazes and saw all the damage we did with our.... enthusiastic... scaring to the maze. There were holes scattered ALL over the walls from us smashing them with things. That picture above is some of the holes I made hahaha. After the park closed tonight it was the end of this year's season, so Jon, Maureen, Sean, Dan, Jamie and I went out for pizza and stuff after to celebrate the end of the year. It was fun, and alas - I'm unemployed lol. At least for 3 weeks until I head to Florida for a few weeks for work. I love you!